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War­sza­wa Kobiet is an inno­va­ti­ve shop­ping plat­form offe­ring unli­mi­ted access to the club & restau­rant servi­ce, as well as a selec­tion of care & wel­l­ness servi­ces. The work for WK inc­lu­ded desi­gning ele­ments of the­ir cor­po­ra­te ID, such as: mem­ber­ship cards, vouchers, bro­chu­res, cata­lo­gu­es or local­ly publi­shed adver­ti­se­ments. It all featu­red a leit­mo­tif of powde­red rouge, so belo­ved by women and high­li­gh­ting the idea of my time”. 

Client: War­sza­wa Kobiet
Date: Sep­tem­ber 2016
Skills: Pho­to­shop, Illu­stra­tor, InDesign

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