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Wed­ding Art

The com­pa­ny has vast expe­rien­ce in wed­ding ima­ge cre­ations and top-to-bot­tom wed­ding plan­ning, whe­re eve­ry ele­ment is impor­tant. Each pro­ject brings a new the­me and a new design chal­len­ge custo­mi­sed to fit the leit­mo­tif of the wed­ding recep­tion. The pro­jects could be com­pa­red to wor­king on cor­po­ra­te IDs, with the dif­fe­ren­ce being that in the wed­ding indu­stry, fixed ele­ments are tailo­red to match the needs of the events.

Client: Sty­lo­ve Śluby
Date: sin­ce 2014
Skills: Pho­to­shop, Illu­stra­tor, InDesign

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