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Cata­lo­gue Design

This is a musi­cal pro­ject of a club­bing festi­val that brings toge­ther arti­sts from aro­und the world and fans of this com­mu­ni­ty. They needed help with desi­gning the festival’s infor­ma­tion bro­chu­re. Com­bi­ning gra­phi­cal ele­ments with a heal­thy dose of infor­ma­tion was the key con­cept in this pro­ject. And the main chal­len­ge was to avo­id a dis­so­nan­ce betwe­en the design and func­tio­na­li­ty of the material.

Client: Sezo­ne
Date: Octo­ber 2015
Skills: Pho­to­shop, InDesign

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