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Pac­ka­ge Design

BeHemp is a brand focu­sed on pro­duc­tion and distri­bu­tion of cosme­tics and sup­ple­ments based on natu­ral CBD oils. Sup­ple­ment pro­ducts enrich our pets’ diet. That is why when cre­ating the gra­phi­cal design of pac­ka­ges, I deci­ded to enhan­ce its gra­phi­cal lay­er by intro­du­cing refi­ne­ments to the print using tech­ni­qu­es such as hot stam­ping, convex embos­sing or selec­ti­ve varnishing.

Client: BeHemp
Date: April 2019
Skills: Pho­to­shop, Illustrator

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