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In this case, the con­cept design of visu­al com­mu­ni­ca­tion was based on a taste­ful for­mu­la and the right pro­por­tions in com­bi­ning ele­ments of a con­fec­tio­ne­ry, ice cre­am par­lo­ur and a cof­fee house. Gold hot-stam­ping served to sup­press the over­whel­ming swe­et­ness of this cre­ati­ve patis­se­rie”, refer­ring to the loca­tion and pre­sen­ting a con­si­stent brand ima­ge to the consumers. 

Cli­net: Swe­et Story
Date: June 2013
Skills: Illu­stra­tor, Photoshop

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