Monogram Creative House - Szymon Bartkowicz



Logo­ty­pe desi­gns are a visu­al reflec­tion of a com­pa­ny. Each of them serves as a refe­ren­ce to the client’s indu­stry and the­ir com­mu­ni­ca­tion or mar­ke­ting needs. Howe­ver, they must keep the­ir uni­que cha­rac­ter that high­li­ghts the brand’s valu­es and distin­gu­ishes it from the com­pe­ti­tion. The tra­de­mark is often the most impor­tant part of a company’s intel­lec­tu­al property.

Client: Dif­fe­rent
Date: sin­ce 2014
Skills: Illustrator

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